You Are A Walking Brand

Everything By Lo Logo

Everything By Lo is a one-stop destination for all of your beauty needs. Founded by Lauryn Mosby at 17-years-old, this brand provides customers with customized clothing, eyelash and other makeup services. 

Mosby began creating when her sister got pregnant and needed comfortable shoes that she could wear in the hospital and while recovering from giving birth. Mosby posted the photos of the shoes she designed for her sister to Facebook, and immediately had people asking her to create them custom looks as well. Initially, Mosby did not want to start her own business, but her sister convinced her that she could be successful, and she has been running Everything By Lo ever since. 

Everything By Lo really is everything. Mosby hopes to build this business into the premiere destination where everyone comes no matter what service they are looking for. 

“I do lashes. Why can’t I do eyebrows? Why can’t I do hair? The reason I call it Everything By Lo is because I want it to be everything. I want it to be a one-stop shop where I am capable of doing everything for somebody,” explained Mosby. 

However, creating a brand is more than just the services you offer, it is a lifestyle. Mosby believes that in order to have a successful brand, you have to brand yourself well, too. Customers are far more likely to spend their money on a brand run by a person they feel is responsible. 

“You can’t act bad when you have a brand because people are not going to support you. People are going to support you because of who you are. Because they know you, and they respect you, and they respect your hustle.” 

Additionally, creating brands requires money. Often, creatives are told to that if they are really serious about their art, they should quit their jobs and drop out of school so that art becomes their only focus. Yet, Mosby believes that having consistent income will allow you to invest money into your creativity that you would not otherwise have access to. She advises to “Invest in yourself.” 

As long as she remains committed to her craft, Mosby believes that Everything By Lo can grow into an inspiring and profitable business. She strives to use her platform to support other creatives and encourages everyone to pursue entrepreneurship no matter the competition.

“No matter how saturated the market is, or how hard you think it may be, just do it. There are hundreds of people who do lashes and stuff, but people come to be because of who I am.”