Working With Fear While Creating

“If you want to be good at drawing or painting there is absolutely nothing stopping you.”

Dante Dimitry Joseph is an aspiring musician and fashion designer from Martinsburg, West Virginia.

Joseph is skilled at playing both the piano and the bass. Currently, he is pursuing fashion design by creating custom paintings on clothing articles, such as jackets and sneakers. Joseph by artists when creating his works, including Salvador Dali, Van Gogh and Rykiese. His goal is to eventually make enough money to sustain himself through his creativity.

Joseph began seriously pursuing fashion design only a year ago. Usually, success stories speak about overcoming fear in order to produce. However, Joseph craves fear. He believes that all great art first stems from feelings of uncertainty. He said:

“If I am not scared going into a project, then it is kind of a waste of my time. All of my favorite works, and my best works I was, to be honest, pretty terrified to start them, because they all seemed so intimidating.”

Hand painted by Dante Joseph

Joseph believes that creating is all about taking risks. Without taking risk you will never know what you are capable of achieving. As artists, we tend to put a lot of pressure on ourselves to be perfect from the very beginning. In reality, skill is learned through trial and error.

“I tend to intimidate myself out of certain ideas when, later on, I retry the idea and I realize it was not as hard as I was making it out to be” explained Joseph.

Hand painted by Dante Joseph * Inspired by Salvador Dali

So, instead of looking at fear as an emotion to be overcome, view your fear as an instrument to create your best, most daring work to date, as Joseph does. Remember that fear is only a prerequisite to success, if you choose it to be.

Joseph claims, “If you want to be good at drawing or painting or something of that nature, there is absolutely nothing stopping you. I mean, I am far from the best but I have gotten to where I am now after only about a year of practice. If you are willing to dedicate your time to it and seek out resources that will make you better, then there is no reason that you cannot be good.”