Utilizing Multiple Creative Mediums To Accurately Share Your Story

“There are not a lot of models who are into graphic design, but I’m trying to bring them together so that I’m more than just a pretty face. I’m trying to bring two things into one and create a different form of art.” - Tahj Chisolm 

Tahj Chisolm is a model and graphic designer from Virginia. He began modeling on Howard University’s campus through Models of the Mecca, an organization which teaches aspiring creatives how to model and provides opportunities for them to showcase their progress. 

“Modeling, at least runway, has is such a beautiful art to it. It’s much more than just walking. The walking holds all of these deeper meanings,” he explained. 

Additionally, Chisolm discovered graphic design through the help of his friend (@firstnameraf), who has shown him everything he knows. Recently, Chisolm used his graphic design skills to alter a photo of himself, in which his eyes were blurred out. 

“I blurred out my eyes because I cannot always see what everyone sees in myself, and this was my way of visually expressing that.” 

Chisolm is dedicated to helping others through his creativity. As a mental health advocate, he hopes to share what he goes through with other creatives to inspire them to use their own creativity to better their mental health. 

“There’s a lot that I deal with that I don’t tell people about because I don’t want to be a burden. I like creating because I can take these emotions and put them into art so its not just a sad story…I like to see myself becoming a mental health advocate to share what I go through and help people find their creativity so they can express themselves and realize they aren’t going through this alone.”

Modeling and graphic design are two very different forms of creativity. However, Chisolm is proving that creatives do not need to limit themselves to only one form of medium. As a creative, the goal is simply to find a way to express your individuality using whatever you can. 

“Don’t be afraid to try new things because everybody has to start somewhere. I don’t feel like I’m really special, at least not yet. But I have to remember that this is where im starting off and I have room to improve and grow,” said Chisolm. 

View some of his modeling and graphic design work below: 

Tahj modeling for 3 Styling By Dai
Tahj walking in DC Fashion Week
Photo shot and edited by Tahj
Photo shot and edited by Tahj
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