The Rise Of DG Graphics

Domonique Green—DG Graphics—is a graphic designer from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. 

Growing up, Green never considered that her creativity could be her profession. She instead had hopes of becoming a neurosurgeon or sports medicine doctor. However, she always had a lingering love for the arts. Green eventually began graphic designing with the help of her father. He worked in I.T. and taught Green the basics about photoshop and Adobe editing softwares. From there, she began practicing on her own, and is now majoring in Electronic Studio at Howard University. 

Green recently designed a virtual project in which she connected lyrics from rapper, Kendrick Lamar, to historical texts about the Black experience. Entitled “Black Community Psychology,” this project was so well received that it is now being considered as a class to be taught at Prairie View A&M University. 

“Nobody can limit what you have in your brain,” said Green, explaining her drive to create. “Everybody needs to feel like there is something they can do… the possibility of having my own class created and I’m only 18—that was a big moment for me.” 

Now, Green hopes to use her graphic design skills to found her own advertising firm to produce commercials, documentaries, and to help with campaigns. Additionally, she plans to open a creative community in Harrisburg where kids can learn to tap into their own creativity. 

“We don’t have a lot of places for kids to express creativity because all of the funding for our schools go to sports. I want there to be a safe space for students to do their homework after school, while expressing their creativity, and learn to do artwork if they don’t really know where to start.” 

Green recommends that anyone interested in graphic design become familiar with Adobe software. The programs can be initially difficult to understand, but Green highlights that there are several learning tools, including watching Youtube tutorials, that can teach you how to use these softwares for free.

Nevertheless, the most important skill for any artist is perseverance. Green advises that all budding creatives push through their obstacles and doubts because “It just takes that one thing to inspire and keep going.” 

View some of Domonique Green’s digital design work below: