Tani Riches.

Tani Riches is a model and clothing designer from Toronto, Canada. 

"I’ve always drawn and had a passion for fashion. I decided to start because I was always propelled as a kid to appreciate art. I started drawing fashion designs that I hoped I could wear one day, or, with my Barbie and Bratz dolls I would revamp their outfits to make them cuter. I got more into it and learned more about drawing and visual arts when I went to an art school for high school. I learned different techniques for drawing and fashion illustration. From that, I began to progress more and went to college, where I studied fashion and the arts for a year.I learned about pattern making, garment construction and different textiles, fabrics and their uses. Then I decided to do more modeling—which I’ve always had a passion for as well. I got into designing my own stuff seriously about 2-3 years ago, and now I have my own online business.” Tani Riches

Tani Riches is the founder and sole-creative behind TANI—a clothing brand featuring handmade clothing designed and sewn by Tani Riches herself. All of her pieces are made-to-order, meaning that Tani Riches customizes each piece to fit the specific body type of each individual customer, without the use of any manufacturers. 

When describing her brand, Tani Riches said, “I would describe my clothing brand as a look-good-feel-good brand, where I just want girls or whoever is down to wear it to feel good in the clothes, and to boast their aura through the clothes. I hope everyone wearing also feels the inspiration from what I drew out during the planning.” 

As a model, Tani Riches strives to be abstract in poses, fascial expressions and creative direction. She hopes for each shoot to show something different about her—a new mood, a new talent, a new dream. In the future, Tani Riches plans to continue both her designing and modeling career full-force.

She said, “For modeling, I want to see more exposure and progress, I wan to be signed to an agency and to do more shoots to show what I’m capable of. I want to work with more artists, photographers and even other models. For my brand, I really want to start doing mini-collections, and hopefully soon I want to host a pop-up shop, maybe during fashion week. Later, I want to fully have my own collection during fashion week, with my own fashion show and utilize models of color, to show what I’m made of.”

To other aspiring artist, Tani Riches says that consistency is the difference between a successful business and a non-successful business. Each day, Tani Riches starts her morning by jotting down a list of goals to reflect on throughout the day so that she is always staying on task and working toward her future plans. 

“Planning is very important. Do research—if it’s modeling, look into your favorite models history and figure out how they started, how they got signed. Look into agencies you might be interested in. For a clothing brand, I say start small. Don’t overdo it too much because starting off as a small business, you have to take into cost and marketing. Don’t compare yourself. You can be inspired by other brands and other people but this should still be you. Keep it unique, keep it real,” advised Tani Riches. 

You can view more of her clothing and stay up to date on Tani Riche’s modeling career by following @tanibytani and @taniriches on Instagram. 

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