Submission by Semira Robinson


By Semira Robinson:

it was like a river

that never stopped flowing

new ideas were passed on to others without even knowing

we rushed down an oblivious path of self destruction

searching for the instruction of who, what, where, and how

we are supposed to be who we are

for one's self creativity

you must gain the freedom from a social captivity

that withholds your natural activity

we wait for updates on the new status quo

so we can spend more money to display at a show

that no one is watching but makes us feel whole

nah fam that's not how it rolls

sometimes you cant always go with the flow

especially when that's what decides who stays and goes

in this era that we believe is a better place

that judges people by their faces

and not the traces they've made

... what a disgrace

instead of running in this constant race

we should be slowing down the pace

to get an organic taste

of a life with a stable base


By Semira Robinson:

in the depths of my mind

lies the deepest thoughts

and vivid rewinds

contemplations of the day with

explanations as to why things resulted this way

this still moment of meditation

and forgotten sense of relaxation

is just the medication that i need

beneath these sheets lies

this body of mine

cant help but whine

for the muscles that ache

and a brain left wide awake

it is here i rest

away from the mess

no cause for distress

only me to possess

a hopeful request

now i close my eyes

and dream that i'll rise

to let go of all sorrow

and conquer tomorrow


by Semira Robinson

we see it as a sunny daze

precious memories will never fade

so wrapped up in the glee of everything

the despondent moments are forgotten

i try hard to make my teeth shine

the flash of the disposable

camera roll stings my eyes

can't tell if its me or the sunrise

i'd rather go to bed hungry

than eat the broccoli

momma laid out for me

i don't know how long i've been playing

with the neighbors kid outside

but the sun is setting

and the mosquitos are feasting

the endless questions

i ask that leave me restless

will be hushed by mother's annoyance

oh god, how i miss recess

swinging along the monkey bars

"tag you're it!"

running faster than a race car

i'd return to class my hair a mess

as the sun begins to set

"mommy come tuck me in to bed

check for monsters in the closet"

in comes the man that she wed

a sweet slumber's kiss upon my head

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