Submission by Oyin Olagbaju

The poem entitled LUMIÈRE, LUCE, LIGHT. is about two people—One who found peace in the other, breaking out of the dark phase they were going through, and the influence the other left on them. Oyin Olagbaju


You, full of light, your incandescence, a conflagration placed in

Me, in the absence of light, a despondent darkness.

Within me, you burned.

Something like an inferno,

Difficult to grasp, even harder to endure.

But from the merciful slumber did you awaken me, dear.

You engulfed me,

You took over hesitantly,

My body, my soul,

Consumed by the flame that is you,

But you did not fully take over, no.

We merged;

You put your light in my darkness but allowed us to flow

Separate but equal.

Yin and yang.

In every darkness there is light,

But in light, there is also darkness.

I became a shadow,

But your light was strong.

I absorbed your light, I let you glow.

The goal was to imbue you

Till I felt you diffuse.

But eventually, forcing your light into my darkness was a mission you pursued.

So I embraced it.

My darkness became like moonlight,

A melancholy opposite to your coveted radiance.

In the crevices of my spirit did you make your way,

The scarlet glow within me, around me,

That I exude.


We became one.

Light and even more so.

The blaze smoldered,

The trails in the wind like a sweet ambrosia.

Wherever we went, we left such an impression.

One where our ardor was asphyxiating.

A passionate everything.

It shines like a beam,

A light almost blinding,

Overwhelming in its power.

Something only we could handle.

What we have,

What we are,

Is more finite as the cut of the sharpest diamond,

But just as unclear as sight through the densest of clouds.

We learn every second, and grow amongst the roses on the wall.

We turn one into many.

Together, we flourish.

✧・゚: *✧・゚*:・゚✧*:・゚✧・゚: *✧・゚:* ✧・゚: *✧・゚•

I stayed up to watch the sunrise.

The brilliance and calm of the most powerful orb of fire,

Rising once more to bring an odd sense of joy.

And the smaller stars of the coming morrow-

The twitter of the dawn chorus,

The refreshing air of a new beginning,

The waking moments where everyone is at peace,

I could not help but think of you.

My never ending glow.


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