Style According To Dai Parker

Dai Parker is an aspiring stylist from Charlotte, NC. Read our interview with her below to learn how Parker puts together her outfits, as well as to learn tips about shopping effectively for your body type within a reasonable budget. 

How would you describe your fashion tastes? 

My style is an expression of how I’m feeling on any given day, but it is also very risky and eccentric. 

Dai Parker styled by Dai Parker for SiKK Magazine

How much does your typical outfits cost? 

Anywhere from $30 to $100. 

What are some of your favorite brands? 

Fendi. I love everything Fendi. Also coach. But Dollskill is a less expensive brand I like, especially their stuff from YRU 

Dai Parker styled by Dai Parker for SiKK Magazine

How do you decide which pieces to wear together?

I am a very spontaneous dresser. Usually, I choose which shoes I want to wear first, and then I’ll pull out all the stuff that matches with it and see what work,s and then throw on some type of accessory. I like to wear a lot of blues. Blue everything.  I also like purple and black. 

Where do you get inspiration for your outfits? 

Braxton (@braxattacks) is a rapper from Atlanta and she is probably my biggest style inspiration. I also get a lot of inspiration from Kelsey Ashley (@kelseyashley_), who is a stylist that also went to Howard. 

Dai Parker styled by Dai Parker for SiKK Magazine

 What tips do you have to help people put together their own outfits?  

Go thrifting. You can find stuff for cheaper and sometimes you find patterns and looks that you can tailor into something else, even if you don’t know how to sew…Don’t be afraid to hide your body and don’t be afraid to show it. I wear a lot of baggy stuff sometimes but I also have a balance with being confident with showing my body type too. Always think outside of the box when It comes to your style. What you wear is the first thing that people see, so appearance is important. Don’t be afraid to try new things.