Recap: Stank Fest 2020

Stank Fest 2020, the second annual music festival hosted Kiiingsley, took place last week on January 3rd.

Rapper and songwriter, Kiingsley, originally began Stank Fest to serve as a space where the youth of his community could gather together and celebrate themselves. This years festival included performances from up and coming Los Angeles artists Eyit, SevenNine and Kiinglsey himself.

View photos from Stank Fest 2020 with captions from founder Kiiingsley below:

Kiiingsley at Stank Fest 2020 shot by @b_radass
Eyit at Stank Fest 2020 shot by @zu.hura
"In my previous work you're always going to see "Stank Tape, Musty ep, Stank fest, and etc". The name "Stank" originated from me always having to use the bathroom in Highschool--haha--so I always thought to myself what is a cool name but at the same time stay true to myself and boom.. I just stuck with that and kept it going."

"The thing that inspired me to create Stankfest in the first place was the community I'm from. I come from a small city called Harbor City, and I have been living here ever since the first grade. Throughout all of the years that I have been living in the area, I noticed that we have never had anything youth-driven or youth-created, Yes we may have an annual fair every year, but it has always been the same exact thing for years now: all the elders get together to choose the same people to perform, get the same rides, get the same everything basically! So, I wanted to change that narrative and let it be known that the youth can come together and put on their own great show."