Shawn May

Adam Hall—creatively known as Shawn May—is a 21-year-old rapper from Charlotte, NC. 

Shawn May wrote his first rap when he was only 11 years old. He started recording music in the 6th grade, when he got a MacBook laptop from his school. In 2014, Shawn May was inspired by rappers like Kendrick Lamar, Childish Gambino and JCole to take his rapping more seriously so he started producing more often.

“I felt a pull for me to be with the crowd, for me to spread my message and make people feel good. That's when I started writing more, recording and everything since then.” 

Shawn May’s music differs from that of other rappers in that he tries to make sure that all of his songs are helpful to promoting a positive narrative in society. He places himself in the category of a “conscious rapper,” who seeks to teach and heal through his music. A lot of his music advocates for mental health awareness, the importance of helping those around you and uplifting your community. 

“A lot of my music delves into pain I have been through. Some songs are portraying a cocky person, me feeling good and all that. Some songs just have happy vibes. My central message is just trying to be relatable to whoever wants to listen to my music. People, who at the same time of being in pain, are also sometimes cocky and smiling.” 

Shawn May is well known for his project, “SAVE 3.” “SAVE 3” is a trilogy project, which Shawn May started creating his senior year of high school. The first part focuses on his high school life, while part two details the moments following his graduation, when Shawn May had to mature quickly because he was about to become a father to his first son. Part three chronicles Shawn May’s time in the army, the effects of his service, and all of confusion that came with continuing to grow up during this time. Ultimately, the purpose of all of these parts was to show others going through difficult transitions that they are not alone, that their pain is shared and understood.

Shawn May is scheduled to release another project, Simple Volume Too, on June 8th, 2019. To other aspiring rappers, Shawn May advises, “Keep doing your shit. Keep your pen tight. Keep improving—don’t try to improve for the people, focus on improving for yourself first and it will all flow together.”

You can follow Shawn May @induhkage on Instagram. Listen to his music by searching Shawn May on SoundCloud, YouTube, Apple Music, Spotify and Tidal.