Reflections by FRIENDSONFILM

SiKK Magazine interviewed Spelman College senior and photographer, FRIENDSONFILM, about her latest photography series, Reflections.

Reflections by FRIENDSONFILM was born from the photographer’s want to commemorate the Spelmanites who came before her, while also documenting her and her sister’s presence at and impact on Spelman.

Read our interview below to learn more about the production and meaning behind Reflections by FRIENDSONFILM:

What first inspired you to want to start doing photography?

I started photography in January of 2019. I was really trying to find what I was passionate about, and I realized that I really liked taking pictures, so I bought a camera over the New Year and just got started.

S:Why did you decide to create the Reflections project?

F: I went to the Spelman archives this year for class a couple of times, and I really like vintage photos, so I was enamored by what I saw there. This one photo—the three-headed Spelmanite photo that I did—was on the cover of one of the yearbooks from the 70s. I saw it, and I was like ‘Oh my god, I want to do this so bad. I want to recreate this.’ From there, I just found more pictures that I wanted to recreate and Reflections was built.

What meaning to you want viewers to gain after seeing this project?

I wanted to create a comparison between the Spelmanites that went to school in the 1970s, and the Spelmanites that are here now…Whoever took those pictures obviously had to be a Splemanite, and I wanted to do what she had done.

How long did it take you to complete Rfelections? Did anyone else help you with Reflections?

F:I started doing research in October, so like three months. I did not start shooting until November, because I had to go through entire yearbooks from 1970-1979, and try to find pictures and compile pictures. I went shooting and scheduling models took me about a month and a half. The models were basically just my friends who could stand in. I also wanted people with big hair because the 70s were all about embracing natural curls and Afros, so I used all my friends with big hair.

What are your future goals as a photographer?

F: I’m actually going to go big with this. Not that I have to be a world famous photographer, I just want to see what I can do and the kind of people I can meet. I want to go into more editorial projects for big magazines like Fader and Vogue. I want to be in the magazines you keep on your coffee table. I want to be a coffee-table photographer.

You can learn more about FRIENDSONFILM by following her @friendsonflm on Instagram.

Photos courtesy of @friendsonflm, from FRIENDSONFILM Reflections series.