Reclaiming Our Culture

After all of these years of oppression, I feel that it is now our right to create. - Precious Iferika

Precious Iferika, creatively known as pDub$, is an “all-around-creative,” meaning that she is dedicated to learning about all creative mediums in order to better her brand. 

“I am creative all around. That is why it is called pDub$ Unlimited, because I am learning new things every day to add to my brand,” said pDub$. 

Behind all of pDub$ work comes with a message to push conversations about social and political awareness. Recently, Pdub$ released a collection entitled Black Youth Aren’t Thugs. The idea for this collection was sparked when one of her friends was identified as a criminal and pulled over the police simply because he fit a description. As a counter to this, Pdub$ created a narrative to suggest that Black youth t be viewed as young adults by the police, as other races are, instead of as threats because of the color of their skin. 

In the future, pDub$ will continue her mission of using art to spark social change through opening her own children’s home. She hopes to create a space where struggling youth can receive housing, counseling and art therapy to help them solidify their identities through creativity. 

pDub$ began her brand during a difficult time. She was undergoing sexual harassment and had no one to turn to. She sought to find to her voice and be able to give comfort to those struggling in similar situations. 

“If you met me before the year 2015 you could say that I was a shadow. People who feel the same way I felt can wear my clothes can find the comfort and confidence in them that I found and be happier. I just want people to wear my clothes and be happier.” 

pDub$ creates unisex clothing that every person can find themselves in. 

“With my clothing being as freeing as it is, you find a sense of identity. After all of these years of oppression, I feel that it is now our right to create, and I feel like God didn’t put me here for myself, He put me here for everyone else. I don’t feel like my life is for me, I was meant to exist on a larger scale, to make it count, thats why I strive for this.”

View clothing from pDub$ Unlimited below: