Recap: The Sesh Art Show

Sesh Collective—an artists collective started and run by Howard University students—held an art show last Sunday, April 22, 2019, to showcase visual artists in the area. 

The Sesh Art Show displayed works by various creatives, painters and graphic designers. They also held a screening of several short films, some created by their own members. 

You can learn more about Sesh Collective by following @seshcollectiv on Instagram. 

View artwork from the Sesh Art Show with descriptions from the artists below:

“I’m displaying an abstract colored-pencil piece, an acrylic painting I did on a skateboard deck, and a smaller acrylic painting I did on a wooden circle. Today I kind of wanted to give a range in terms of the styles, surfaces and different mediums. I focused on keeping a consistent color palette so you’ll see a lot of lavenders, blues and oranges.” - Kikesa Kimbwala (@kikesaaa)

“This one is called Mental Health Matters, and it is a piece I did my freshman year. It is raising  awareness for mental health, and talking about the struggles some people face, how they can’t speak about what they’re going through, negative thoughts, and everything in their mind that stops them from fully being themselves. I just wanted to show people what it’s like because a lot of people are judgmental, especially in the Black community, they don’t know what mental health really is.” - Morgan Newton (@__morgannewton)

“They don’t have names but they are mostly abstract art. They signify wanting to do so many things but not being able to get to one place. One of them has a lot of hands drawing at the person to show the so many directions that you’re being pulled from but you don’t know where to go. In the end, hopefully you still find your peace.” - Ruth Iwelumo (@ruth.iwelumo)