Recap: NTUIIT Artist Gathering

Last Friday, May 17th, NTUIIT co-hosted an artist gathering with ONLEVIBEZ. This event featured talent from local DMV artists, including performances, art displays and clothing to shop. 

NTUIIT is a clothing brand, but, more than that, they are an artists collective. They provide spaces where artists can come mingle and create together in a fun and relaxed environment. 

The founder of NTUIIT describes their brand as, “a very edgy and carefree brand. We hope to push other people to always be carefree and be themselves.”

You can follow NTUIIT on Instagram @ntuiit.25, where they post their clothes and also give updates on upcoming shows. 

View photos from NTUIIT’s last show below. Full recap with all pictures and videos can be viewed @sikkmagazine on Instagram.

"Art to me has never been 'oh I need a little money, let me go make some art.' It has always been the only way I can express myself without instead going out and doing something stupid to myself or someone else. I'm 21 years old and art is my passion." - Kinlo Da Rtist (@kinlodartist)

"I do a lot of abstract art. I'm into guts and blood and random shit, and I just like to make sure it coexists and goes together. I have a lot of art that I'm selling which you can find on my art page (@Marley_seday). I sell T-shirts, stickers, prints. Just check out my art." - Marley Seday (@marleemarzz)