Rapper, Nakir Tasi

Nakir Tasi (originally known as Tayon Billups) is a 19-year-old graphic designer and rapper from New Jersey.  He began seriously pursuing rapping about a year ago, and has been practicing graphic design for almost two years. Nakir Tasi combines his passion for music with his ability to design in order to create all of his digital album covers himself. 

His favorite graphic design project to date was the cover art that he created for his debut album “Blessings in Disguise,” because it allowed him the freedom to create without limitations.

Nakir Tasi attributes his creative work to everyone. 

“Everyone that has hurt me, or loved me, or just been around me has been a source of my inspiration at one point or another” said Nakir Tasi. 

His goal is to not only to succeed in rap and graphic design, but to be the best known name in both of these fields. 

“I plan to become a household name in both crafts by the year 2020,” explained Nakir Tasi. “I plan to start an agency for independent artists, and an online graphic design company. I have the skills in both to be something great.” 

Nakir Tasi understands creativity to be a mode of branding that allows people to set themselves apart from the mainstream and create a unique identity. Because of this, he believes that in order for artists to be successful they must put themselves fully into their work. 

He claims, “You can do anything you put your heart and mind into. We are all capable of things that we dream of, all we have to do is chase them.” 

View some of Nakir Tasi's graphic design work below: