Platinum Bills Entertainment

Platinum Bills is an entertainment label from Los Angeles, California. SiKK Magazine spoke with one of the founders of Platinum Bills, Jesse Lucas, to learn more about all of the work that this company is doing. 

“Here at Platinum Bills, we try to make ourselves different than the typical record label. Most labels want to succeed from a business standpoint, so they sell their artists as a products. A lot of times, a label will milk an artist and charge high rates for the artist and that’s not how it’s supposed to go because, without the artists, the label would have nothing. With us, we try to separate ourselves by first saying that we are an entertainment label, not a record label. If you write music, if you paint, if you draw we want to give you the resources to continue to do that without charging you the crazy 70% that most labels will charge. We only take 20% off the top and that covers all of your promotion, marketing, everything.”  Jesse Lucas

Lucas is also the owner and manager of Platinum Bills. This means that he is in charge of finding and working with talented artists, as well as managing his 14-person team. Founded just over a year ago, Platinum Bills has already begun to make a name for itself in the Los Angeles party scene and amongst local Los Angeles artists. 

“So far, most of our major projects have happened within the Los Angeles party scene. We threw three Los Angeles vs IE parties, which had thousands of people turn out. We have worked with local up-and-coming rappers, including JP the Ruler and Huncho Mells,” explained Lucas. 

In addition to advocating for their artists, Platinum Bills also uses its platform to share knowledge with the entire community. Lucas believes that the ability to influence also comes with responsibility. He hopes to use the voice of his artists and the voice of Platinum Bills to spread awareness about social issues. 

Lucas said, “Kids want to go and dance to music because it’s what their favorite artists do. Why not see that influence and use it to teach these same kids who follow you? Yes, go out and make money, but teach people through what you’re doing too.” 

As an entertainment label, Platinum Bills is interested in more than just songwriters and rappers. They want to help clothing brands, chefs and anyone with creative inclinations reach their goals through the support of a dedicated team. 

To Platinum Bills, the most important thing an artist can be is themselves. Lucas explained that, unlike other labels who micromanage artists to fit their image, Platinum Bills image is the artists themselves. To aspiring artists, Lucas advises “Know what you want to do and do what you want to do. If everyone else likes the song but you don’t like it, don’t release it. The point of making art is to express yourself, not to make everyone else happy…As an artist it is your job to know what people need more than they know what they want.”

If you are an artist looking for a supportive community, you can find Platinum Bills @platinum_bills on Instagram.