Pink Siifu

Pink Siifu is a musician and producer currently creating in East Los Angeles, CA. He was born in from Birmingham, Alabama, and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. Pink Siifu creates solo music, and music under the group name B. Cool-Aid with producer Ahwlee. His musical sound is diverse, with projects ranging from hip-hop, RnB, soul and even punk.

Read our question and answer interview with Pink Siifu below to learn more about his creative inspirations, future projects and overall goals as an artist.

Pink Siifu imagined by @shoogasahlt for @sikkmagazine

S: Where do you get the name Pink Siifu from?

PS: “Pink is one of my favorite colors, and when I was growing up I was hella big on Kung Fu flicks. In those movies they always call their masters ‘sifu.’”

S: Do you think that your music has changed based on where you are living at the time?

PS:“My music is definitely more based on where I’m from than where I’m at. Where you’re at definitely plays a part in what you’re doing because it influences the producers you’re fucking with at the time or the n*ggas you’re surrounding yourself with, but I always try to take the sh*t I’ve seen and the sh*t I’ve learned in Birmingham and Cincinnati in all my music.”

S: How would you describe the sound of your music?

PS: “On God, I really just like describing it as Black people music. I’m one artist that I feel like my music can live in a lot of places and be in a lot of places because I like to bounce around and be in a lot of things. My next album I’m coming out with is mostly punk and kind of jazz and just a little bit of rap. I try to tap in with all that I can and don’t try to box myself in, which is also why I picked my name because I feel like if you see my name you can’t tell from that what my music is gonna sound like. I feel like all music is Black music.”

S:What inspired you to want to make a punk album?

PS: “Punk music is really Black. I feel like punk music is the frustration that Black people feel, like white people be mad, but really what for? Black frustration is on a whole other level. When you hear Black punk, or hear a Black woman screaming on music, or screaming singing it just hits you different. I wanted to tap into that.”

S: Who is your favorite producer and how do you choose your beats?

PS: “I don’t really have one favorite, I have a few. Ahwlee is the main producer in B. Cool-Aid, he is one of my favorite producers. Knowledge is one of my favorite producers, Alchemist is one of my favorite producers, Madlib is one of my favorite producers, shit Missy is one of my favorite producers. When I make shit, I try to pull from any samples I get, anything I hear that makes me feel a certain way. I’ll sample something from anywhere, from Twitter, anything.”

S:What do you hope to give others through your music?

PS: “I’m doing it for my family and for my people. With everything I be doing, I need Black people to be represented beautifully and for Black people to be a part of creating it. When I look back on sh*t like The Wiz, Boomerang, Harlem Nights, or even music like when I look back on the Parliament, what n*ggas did whith voodoo I get inspired. It’s about the vision and what we’re representing. I be looking back and just try to continue that sh*t.”

S:If you had a favorite song that you’ve made, what would that be and why?

PS: “I don’t think anybody has ever asked me that. Probably the newest one I just did which is on the outro of my album that is about to come out, and then one that I’m about to drop later in the year. On one of them I sample Eddie Kendricks, and I feel like anytime I sample Eddie Kendricks that sh*t will slap. It’s that Birmingham connection. I grew up on Eddie Kendricks, and I don’t usually like sampling n*ggas I grew up on, like I’ll never touch Sun Ra at all because I hold his sh*t so high. It’s the same with Eddie Kendricks, but the way I did it and what I was talking about I was like ‘yeah, I got it across.’”

You can listen to Pink Siifu's most recent album, Bag Talk, music on all streaming platforms. Stay up to date on Pink Siifu by following him @pinksiifu on Instagram.