Music Review: It Sounds Like Summer by BMASE

Singer and songwriter, BMASE, recently released her EP, “It Sounds Like Summer.” 

It Sounds Like Summer is an untraditional combination of songs to hear on a summertime project. Most artists right now seem to only be dropping music about feeling great all the time and constantly “living your best life.” However, BMASE reminds us that summer is also a time of deep reflection, which can sometimes bring about intense emotions and discomfort. 

While describing her EP, BMASE said, “It Sounds Like Summer to me is all about summer time vibes. This means new beginnings and endings, but also reminiscing on the good & bad times. I feel like summertime is a time where you experience a lot of different things and emotions, so it was important to me for each song to represent different feelings throughout the summer.” 

This 17 minute EP is full of soul and truth, as BMASE takes listeners through all of the changes she underwent this summer. “Nice Weather” plays like the beginning of a breakup—the uncertainty, the loneliness, the regret. Yet, by “Better,” BMASE changes from “It’s just hard for me to see you go. Hard for me to be alone” to “Doing better! Doing better! Doing better!” 

As much as this is an ode to the past, It Sounds Like Summer is also a hope for the future. BMASE shows that you can be both sad and still having fun, that you can be working through your pain and still enjoying life. 

It Sounds Like summer features sounds from artists Jayano and Serenity. It Sounds Like Summer was produced by MARU, jamowiththebanger and MikoJester. 

You can listen to It Sounds Like Summer on all streaming platforms.