Music Review: Babby's PLEASURE DEMO

On Saturday, June 6, Babby—singer, songwriter from Washington, DC—released his latest project, PLEASURE DEMO. 

PLEASURE DEMO is a series of three songs which combine RnB and electronic music to create a sense of otherworldliness. Specifically, the songs take you through a love story between lovers lost through space and time who are seeking to reconnect. The songs have a very melancholy base and listeners are immediately made aware that this love, although powerful, is painful. 

The first song, Labyrinth, is not sung traditionally, but rather spoken by Babby, like a diary entry from one of the lost lovers to the other, beginning the search to find each other again. He says, "Before time divided our mortal bodies from our spirit, I knew not where your spirit had fled, even so I searched, bounded by my flesh, still I am haunted by the need to love. The need to pleasure." The second song, Pound, showcases Babby's musical talents, his vocal range and unique sound. Lastly, Wound, the longest song on PLEASURE DEMO ends the project by showing the lasting effects of lost love as Babby sings, "I am a fresh wound. I bleed from the center."

Babby’s sensual voice serves as the perfect vessel to express the relationship between masculinity and femininity, and how one cannot exist without the other.Ultimately, this project is an ode to passion, an ode to love and an ode to self-expression. 

PLEASURE DEMO is available exclusively on YouTube. Use the comment section to let us know your favorite song.