Model, Pricela Pricina Januario.

“I am happy to be able to do this because, growing up in Germany, I never saw any dark-skin people in any magazines or any commercials at all. I feel lucky that I get to be that person.” Pricela Pricina Januario

Pricela Pricina Januario is an up-and-coming print model from Germany, currently attending Howard University as a T.V. and Film major. 

Januario began modeling in the summer of 2017. Her unique beauty made her an instant sensation. Since her debut, Januario has modeled for various companies including MGM, Sneaker Mag and Vogue.

“I always wanted to model—people and agencies came up to be at 14 to ask me to model for them, but my parents didn’t want me to at the time. By 2017, brands were contacting me on Instagram and I was getting paid so I continued to do it,” explained Januario. 

Januario’s love for art extends past just modeling. Her goal is to become a creative director who is able to direct her own editorials.

When asked what her favorite aspect of modeling was Januario responded, “I like it because I get to be put in different roles. Every outfit, every shoot makes me feel like a different person, and seeing how that works out in the pictures is always exciting.”

Unlike most models, Januario is not fixated on working for companies that have a big name in the industry. Rather, she wants to work with brands who she feels accurately promote her aesthetic. 

“Choosing wisely who you want to work with is important. Sometimes people are going to approach you and want to work with you, but if it isn’t what you see as your aesthetic, then you shouldn’t do it,” advised Januario. 

To other aspiring models, Januario says to fully utilize social media. She has booked most of her shoots through companies simply seeing her Instagram profile, and you can do the same.

You can follow Pricela Pricina Januario on Instagram @pricelapj.

View some of Pricela Pricina Januario’s modeling work below: