Model Call: Jorden Mullings

Jorden Mullings is an aspiring actor and model from Brooklyn, New York. He has been acting since the age of six, and recently began modeling to supplement his acting career. Mullings has acted in numerous films, including an ongoing web-series, “Vices.”

On the outside, Mullings appears fearless. He never hesitates to embrace femininity in his shoots, often wearing daring makeup and flowing clothing. Nevertheless,  in an interview with SiKK Magazine, Mullings admitted that he often suffers from feelings of inadequacy. However, Mullings believes that it is his duty to believe in himself, because, if he does not, who will? 

“You can’t let thoughts hold you back,” said Mullings. “You just have to find it in yourself to keep going, because if you don’t think you’re good enough to keep going, then no one else will. You have to be your biggest supporter.”

With an ever-restless mind, Mullings finds passions in numerous fields of creativity. In addition to acting and modeling, Mullings hopes to become a motivational speaker and advocate for the Black community. He hopes to use his growing platform as an artist to speak up for social change, and, eventually, help disadvantaged Black youth attain higher education.

“I have the belief that you should have multiple streams of income. So, I also want to be a motivational speaker, to push people to always do more and to provide balance to the inequalities America has created…To create a way for underprivileged Black youth to get an education at high esteem institutions like Howard,” explained Mullings. 

Mullings sees creativity as more than a hobby. He understands that creativity provides freedom—for people to express themselves in a controlled way, for those who are not seen as “intellectual” by academic standards to show their genius through art, and to realize that there is greatness in everyone. 

Putting his faith in God, Mullings attributes his successes to divine intervention. He believes that he is destined to act in order to help others. For this reason, whenever Mullings in unsure of himself, he turns to God for guidance. 

“Once,” described Mullings, “I was coming from a birthday party with some friends, and this guy asked me ‘Do you act,’ and I was like ‘Yea.’ He then told me that something in his spirit told him that I acted, and that he wanted to get my autograph before I got big. This really showed me like ok, I’m destined to be doing this.” 

Yet, even for those who may not be sure if their dreams are the result of fate, Mullings urges young, Black creatives to keep pushing forward. 

“Keep creating content, keep going out there. Be open to stopping, but be stubborn. Be flexible with your tactics, but stubborn with what you want. Don’t be too hard on yourself… Actually, no, be hard on yourself. Continue to do better every day. If you know you can do better, do better.” 

View photographs from his shoot with SiKK Magazine, shot by Allison McAdoo, below: