Mistress of Rap

SiKK Magazine interviewed rapper, Mistress of Rap, to give viewers a chance to get to know her before her upcoming performance at Mucus Fest 2020.

Mistress of Rap is a 19-year-old rapper and mixing engineer from Los Angeles, CA. She first considered entering the music industry because she loved music and wanted to learn how music was made.

Most recently, Mistress of Rap brought her craft across the country to Washington, D.C., where she continues to perform and produce while studying at Howard University.

Read quotes from our interview with Mistress of Rap (MoR) below:

"I am pursuing a career in the music industry as a rapper and mixing engineer🙌🏾 what inspired me to pursue it was just honestly my love for music and fascination of how music is made." - MoR

"I want people to learn to be themselves and not care what people think of them! And that they can live their life how they want." - MoR

"I’m very honest in my music and only rap what I know." - MoR

"My goals as an artist for the future are to definitely be on tour within the next few years, and to really gain a bigger fan base in the next couple of years." - MoR.

You can hear Mistress of Rap perform live during Mucus Fest 2020, on February 28th, at the Black Cat D.C. Tickets on sale now.

Photos shot by @rylthms for @sikkmagazine. Creative direction by @zu.hura.