Made by Jada LeBour

With a completely-unique style comes fashion designer, Jada LeBour. Jada LeBour studied fashion design in Paris and London before returning to New York to launch her clothing line, Jada LeBour. 

Creating dresses, suits, accessories and the like, Jada LeBour says that she designs all of her clothing for “fun, chic, young girls.” Her goal is to make a statement in any occasion. 

“My aesthetic isn’t common. You could describe my style as really bold, really kitsch. Sometimes I’ll mix patterns and fabrics together that don’t go together because I want people, when they wear my pieces and walk into a room, to have all eyes on them. I want my clothes to you make you want to get to know the person wearing them,” said Jada LeBour. 

Unlike other clothing brands, Jada LeBour has never released a collection. She instead unveils her designs in 12-piece “mini-drops.” She is currently focused on realeasing at least five new pieces every month on

By the time she was eight, Jada LeBour knew how to sew and had discovered her love for fashion. However, it was not until her teenage years that she believed she had the ability to truly be successful in her craft. Placing all bets on herself, she dropped out of fashion school to pursue Jada LeBour full-time. 

“I always knew I wanted to do it though, even when I was younger. I've known how to sew since I was eight, but I never knew that there was a career in fashion because back then it was not something we saw so frequently like we do now. But once I saw that people can really make a living off of this I thought, ‘Oh my gosh, I have to do this. I really want to do this’” told Jada Lebour.  

In the future, Jada Lebour hopes to be a luxury brand, widely known around the world. She also hopes to inspire other creatives to believe in themselves. 

She said, “No matter where you come from, you can do design, you can do fashion, you can do anything in the creative world…I want people to look at what I’ve done and know that they can do it too.”