Ladon Alex

Ladon Alex is a 20 year old digital artist from Illinois.

He began creating at the age of 7 after discovering comic books. From the age of 7 to 17, Alex focused all of his creative talents into making comics, however, when he was a senior in college he decided to try and expand his subject matter to include editorial work as well. 

When describing his work Alex said, “I don’t really know if there’s ever an overarching goal with me. As long as I am having fun with it and I feel like I am evoking some sort of emotion I am good with it. I don’t necessarily have an in-depth approach to anything.” 

Nevertheless, Alex’s pieces are very detailed, with each of his pieces center around the mood of the characters, leaving viewers feeling what we can only guess Alex himself was feeling while creating. Much of his artwork also still features famous comic characters, such as the Joker and Spider Man, but in reimagined ways to highlight characteristics of these famous comics even the biggest fans may not have realized otherwise. 

Recently, Alex partnered with Ryder Studios to create apparel for suicide prevention and awareness. They created a t-shirt to both educate and support those who are suffering from mental health problems. 

He said, “That was one of my favorite projects because it was one of the first times I was able to really give back with my art to something that really mattered.”

More than just through his finished pieces, Alex seeks to motivate others by showing his creative process. Alex believes that dedication and passion are the greatest tools any artist can have. When giving advice to upcoming artists, he said “Really just enjoy what you enjoy. Do what you want to do. My thing has always been to never let anyone tell you what to do, especially when you’re a creator. This field is very competitive and it can be hard to find where you fit, but when you’re yourself that becomes so much easier. I just want to encourage people to keep going, keep progressing and keep working.”

In the future, Alex hopes to grow his clothing brand, Cry Baby, and to accumulate more disposable income so that he can eventually create his own animations. He also plans to continue to make cover art for his favorite artists. 

“A lot of stuff has been popping up. I never know what is going to enter my email so I am open to different clients and possibilities,” said Alex about his future plans. 

You can see more of Ladon Alex’s artwork by following him on Instagram @ladon_alex.