Jimmy shot by @diexrich

Jimmy is a 3D animator and augmented reality designer from Columbus, South Carolina.

Jimmy is well known for his filters on both Instagram and Snapchat. He has also created animations for several artists, including Mavi and Beck, to accompany some of thermos popular songs.

Read our interview with Jimmy below to learn more about his creative process:

When and why did you first decide to start making AR animations?

“I started making them two or three months ago. I was originally making snapchat filters, and I had this really big show going on in Charlotte for another artist and we had this promotion with all of these codes you could scan for snapchat. A couple of weeks before that, my friends were telling me about Instagram and how you can sign up for this program to make filters for them. I wasn’t sure how it was going to work, but literally the day before the show I got accepted into the program and that’s when I started making all the Instagram filters…I was already doing 3D animation. In terms of animated images, I always just want to get better. A lot of people ask me if I want to do the filters professionally and I usually tell them no, because I would like to work for a game design company or a 3D animation company, because 3D animation is my passion and is something I spend my free time doing. My current major in college is Game Design.”

What gave you the inspiration for your latest AR animation?

“Oh my god, I was literally just listening to a song and the idea popped in my head. Whenever I am listening to music, I just start seeing stuff, and that is how I usually get the ideas for my 3D animation. The song was called ‘Stratosphere’ by Beck—he’s an mist that I recently got into. His music is different than most, so I will always recommend him to anyone who likes pop/ alternative music.”

What is your favorite and least favorite part about being an AR and 3D animator?

“The cool thing about designing is that I get to do it every day. There is never a dull moment and I always have fun when I’m doing it. The negative aspects would just be the amount of hours you might have to put in. My very first animation took me like eight hours to complete, and it was only a three second clip. But now when I am doing my animations, I get them done in like 30 minutes, so it is super cool watching my progress.”

Do you have any tips for other up and coming animators and designers?

“Everything is a step. When I first started animating, I used to go around and ask people about what I should do, how I can make my quality better, and things like that. Besides that, be yourself and stick true to what you do because that is what is really going to help set you apart in the long run.”

You can stay up to date with Jimmy's work by following him @jimmythelight on Instagram.

Animations courtesy of @jimmythelight on Instagram.