Jade Carson.

“My favorite aspect about writing is connecting with people. I want people who read my content to feel like they can connect to me, to know that they can reach out to me and ask me questions, to know that they aren’t the only one experiencing what they’re experiencing.”  Jade Carson

Jade Walters--pen name, Jade Carson--is a 19 year-old blogger and graphic designer from Brooklyn, NY.

Jade Carson has always had a lot to say. Growing up, she would often get in trouble by her teachers for talking to much during class. She decided to start writing to release some of the racing thoughts that constantly filled her mind. She started composing long paragraphs of her thoughts, notes, and letters. 

Now that she is older, Jade Carson uses those same writing practices to help others. She is the author of two blogs: Love, Jade Carson and Pink Matter. Love, Jade Carson is a college and lifestyle blog, which Jade Carson writes in the form of a public diary entry. Her stories here center around her development as a person, and follows he throughout the stages of her life, providing advice and guidance for anyone who might be at a similar crossroads. Pink Matter is a sex and relationship blog which Jade Carson writes for anonymously, to share tips about heathy relationships, stories and all that she has learned about love and sex. 

She explained, “When it comes to creative writing, a lot of the work I write, and the reason I like to sign off with “Love, Jade Carson,” is because I see my blog as a public diary entry. When people are reading my work and reading my stories, they can relate to it in a way where you don’t feel like you’re alone because you see that people are experiencing the same awkward things you thought you were only experiencing. My blogs give a freedom to connect.

Jade Carson began graphic design so that she could make all of the visuals for her blogs. All of the logos for Pink Matter and Love, Jade Carson were designed by Jade Carson herself.

“My designs are clean, and simple, and minimal, but there’s something that makes it pop a little,” said Jade Carson.

Jade Carson’s writing does not end with blogging. She has also written several novellas, and in the future, she hopes to have one of them published or turned into a Netflix movie. 

Jade Carson has struggled with writer’s block. In her attempts to start Pink Matter, she found her energy less focused on producing for Love, Jade Carson. However, she learned that it is important for author’s to give themselves time to create the content they want to see. Instead of rushing herself, Jade Carson now allows her ideas to come to her so that she is always writing content that matters to her, rather than just producing to keep up with an imaginary clock. 

To other aspiring writers she says, “Don’t doubt your ability. There are many people out there who wish they could do what you do; that they could create like you, write like you, draw like you. You might not realize that what you’re doing is as cool as someone else, but there’s someone else who feels that same way about you. You can do it.”