Israel Yanir is the designer behind the up-and-coming clothing brand, Hubane.

Hubane was started by Yanir just over a year ago. In March of 2018, Yanir decided to try his hand as drawing, which eventually grew to painting and then designing.

He explained, “I usually paint, I like painting on canvases as well, but I recently started looking at clothes and using them as a canvas to see how I can turn your usual-looking hoodie or jeans into an art piece.”

Hubane is dedicated to individuality. Through Hubane, Yanir hopes to both expressing his individuality, and to inspire others to express their unique brand of individuality. The name Hubane itself was chosen from Estonia, because Yanir admires this country for their widespread spirit of expressing uniqueness.

“I’ve always liked fashion, and what I would use to describe people who like to express themselves through fashion would be ‘cozy,’ said Yanir. “I found out that the translation of that word in a country called Estonia is ‘hubane.’ Basically, in that country, they haven’t conformed to the usual European forms of dress—they still keep their traditions and traditional clothes, and I liked that because it represented them staying true to themselves, which is what I wanted the basis of my brand to be. Everyone who is wearing it is staying true to themselves and not looking to conform to what everybody else in on.”

Hubane is distinguished by the unique face present on each of its garments. However, Yanir explained that this design did not come quickly to him, and actually required months of trial and error. This long process was beneficial though, in that it taught Yanir that art can come in many different forms.

“For some reason, when I first started designing for Hubane, the face of the brand used to look a lot different. I had to take a lot of time to evolve my designing and come up with the proper face to put on clothes. What I would say for other artists is just don’t ever think something doesn’t look good because it doesn’t look like other brands. Whatever you create is unique to you. Anytime you create something—and it can be anything—that is art because art can be anything,” said Yanir.

Although Yanir has only been working through Hubane for a year, it has already transformed itself into one of his life’s passions. Yanir plans to continue to grow Hubane to become a well-known brand, and, eventually, a top-fashion label.

To other aspiring artists, Yanir advises, “Always try to come up with something that is your own. A lot in fashion right now, people just copy and paste because they see somebody else blowing up off of something and they want the same thing. But, staying true to yourself and your vision and putting everyone else on to that is the key.”

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Photos courtesy of @hubane_ on Instagram.