fathersokka is an 18-year-old musician from Washington, D.C.

“I would categorize myself as a vocalist, producer, instrumentalist and rapper.” fathersokka

fathersokka began creating art as a child, when she would go with her mom to work. fathersokka’s family did not have enough money for a babysitter at the time, so fathersokka’s mother would bring her into work and give fathersokka paints and paper to entertain herself with until her shift was over. 

She explained, “I’ve always been somewhat art-based. When I was younger, my mom couldn’t afford a babysitter so she would take me to work with her and she would buy me those dollar paint sets and I would be at her job writing poems and painting pictures. I also wanted to take guitar lessons, but we couldn’t afford that either so I spent a lot of time just writing music and singing it. I got back into songwriting like two years ago and ended up releasing my first song.”

Having this financial struggle from a young age has taught fathersokka how to best utilize limited resources. She used to be discouraged that she could not afford the expensive guitar lessons that her white peers so easily got, but found that she was able to continue to succeed  in music when she started collaborating with other Black and brown artists. 

She said, “I feel like I have been struggling with the fact that I never had the resources growing up to learn music like I wanted to. Sometimes that makes me feel like I’m far behind my white and affluent peers who seem like they all already have 10 years of experience. But learning to use the resources I had taught me a lot. So, I advise every artist to just work with what they have and push through those obstacles. Never stop trying because of a lack of resources, and collaborate and share resources with other black and brown artists so that you can all create together.”

Currently, fathersokka is working on two projects: an album and a three song EP. The album is entitled PSYCHWARDSHOWERS. This will be a co-album with her music partner and best friend, MAK. The EP, Crying in Places, is another collaboration with artist Javo.

When listening to her music, fathersokka says that you should expect to hear a mash up of a variety of genres. 

“I would say that I fall under neo-soul, jazz and hip hop. I have major rap influences, but I also dabble in alternative music and switch between a bunch of genres often. I’m inspired by Erykah Badu, Lauryn Hill, Steve Wonder, Outkast and Amine,” said fathersokka.

In the future, fathersokka plans to expand her brad by working on her personal sound and expanding her home studio. Her goal is to “push the limits and see how weird I can take this, how weird I can make everything I do.”

To other aspiring artists, fathersokka advises “Get a part time job, save as much money as you can, get your studio and do everything by yourself. Don’t feel like you have to work with some rich, white boy to get your art our there. Uplift yourself, uplift your friends, uplift each other. Create a dream and stick to it. Work hard for what you need to own.”

You can stay up-to-date with fathersokka by following her on Instagram @fathersokka. Her music is available on Soundcloud and Apple Mucis under fathersokka.

Images via @fathersokka on Instagram.