Fary Charles a.k.a. Junkyard

Artwork by Fary Charles courtesy of @junkyard_jydk

Fary Charles—a 26 year old painter from Miami, Florida, who is creatively known as Junkyard—never expected to dive so deeply into the arts. He was first introduced to painting as a learning tool and possible career path after his mentor, Wanda Pedro, saw the artwork Fary was creating for himself and his high school, and she urged him to begin taking art classes. He began learning how to use water colors, and, since then, he has held a passion for painting.

Fary claims that he does not paint simply for himself. Instead, he is motivated by the support of others around him, who were able to see and promote his artistic talents before he knew he even had them. He said, “You can expect me to never stop doing what I’m doing, because a lot of people saw me by accident and then put in a lot of time for me. I got a lot of people interested. Where I’m from, a lot of people aren’t hip to the arts, and that always pushes me, to see someone who is not that interested in the arts and bring it to the forefront for them.”

Fary’s work can be described as nothing but vibrant. In each of his works, Fary employs vibrant characters and vibrant colors. However, the style through which she creates each of these vibrant works varies greatly. Fary explained that his paintings are never limited to one type of style. He described his paintings as both impressionist and abstract, saying "If I see a style that is kind of settled with people and already very recognizable I try to push for something else. I would say that my style is influenced by my whole experience. If i’m looking at a portrait of somebody, I’m not trying to create a painting that just looks like that photograph. I try to bring out the character and the essence of a person more than I focus on perfect brush strokes. I’m abstract. It’s relative to what people see because I’ve done a lot of different things.”

Artwork by Fary Charles courtesy of @junkyard_jydk

Fary has a love for many other art forms and artists. He is inspired by his love for Jazz music and Jazz artists, photographers and other painters when creating his work. However, he stresses the importance of appreciation versus imitation, saying that it can often be easy to imitate artists you like, but he cautions against this because he believes that imitation will actually limit an artists’ unique creative flow. He explained, “I have a lot of artists who have inspired me to keep painting, but I try to avoid painting like them. Sometimes I have to unfollow these artists and not look at their art so I can channel my own, genuine instinct to make a mark on a canvas. Look at it like, ‘What made them do this and what could make me think like that,’ instead of, ‘What could make me do exactly that.’ Like putting yourself in their shoes, without doing everything in their steps. Give yourself a chance to surprise yourself,”

Fary has now been painting for eight years, and painting is now his full-time job. He works at Lulu Labratorium—a youth arts center and gallery in Miami—through which he strives to connect with and inspire the young, up and coming artists in his area. In the future, Fary plans to continue working with galleries, and to start producing more of his paintings on clothing.

To other aspiring artists, Fary advises, “If anybody ever wants to become any type of artist, I would tell them not to dive into it off of a guess, but to go into it genuinely with an effort to try. Art should always push you, even if it pushes you to a different kind of art than the one you were first interested in.”

Artwork by Fary Charles courtesy of @junkyard_jydk

You can view more of Fary Charles’ work, and stay up to date with his artistic progress, by following him on Instagram @junkyard_jydk. Watch our video interview of Fary Charles out now on Youtube.