Emily Manwaring--creatively known as Emille--is a 20-year-old sculptor, painter and overall visual artist from Queens, NY.

Read quotes from Emille's time with SiKK Magazine in New York below:

"Art is prayer. The things that I do daily, with the manifestations I put out, saying certain things, helps me to see clarity within my practice."

"I think in you’re daily life that you are able to get a lot if inspiration. For me, it starts off with an image. With social media and our phones, you constantly see an image and are looking at something comprised of colors and whatever else. I usually collect a bunch of images that I resonate with at that moment, and then think about them in a more painterly way"

"Whatever happens, happens. I am going to align myself, and focus myself in life to get certain things done, but I don’t want to speak anything out before it happens. I just want to live and let my work form overtime."

"When I think about being aligned, I think about divine timing and focusing in on something you know is supposed to be in your path. Alignment."

"I don’t really think about it like ‘Oh I’m making this piece for this person to see it and think about it in a certain way.’ People can identify and resonate to a lot of things that I personally go through in my work, but when I am creating, I never think about the purpose or the message, I just make it."

Photos shot by @jungenwilden for @sikkmagazine.