Elijah Firth

“I started modeling about eight months ago, when I moved from South Florida to San Fransisco. For the majority of my life living in SF I was overweight, not happy with my body and insecure. The bullying was bad until I tuned 16 years old and decided that I couldn’t take it anymore. Summer ’16 I jogged 3.5 miles every day and cut all empty calories out of diet. I lost about 50 pounds that summer. That was a life changing decision, and since then I have been a health advocate who helps other people reach their fitness goals and learn to feel confident about themselves.” Elijah Frith

Elijah Frith is a 19-year-old model, poet and health advocate from South Florida. He began modeling eight months ago after moving to San Fransisco to attend college. Modeling is important to Frith because it represents how far he has come on his fitness and self-confidence journey.

He said, “Even when I was big, I was in to fashion but I could not fit a lot of the clothes I wanted to wear. Now that I am a lot slimmer, I love to wear bright, vibrant colors and attention-grabbing clothes. With modeling I feel free, like I can be and wear whatever I want now.” 

Frith creative directs most of his own shoots. He draws his inspiration from everything, including clothes he sees, movies he’s watched and people he meets.

“It just hits me. Sometimes I’m taking a shower and an idea will hit me and I’ll say ‘wow, that would be nice.’ For this most recent shoot, I was packing my clothes to move to SF and I saw a teddy bear I used to own as a child on the top rack of my closet. I realized that it matched with these pants I owned, so I did a whole shoot around that…Inspiration really hits me at random times,” explained Frith.

Frith describes his modeling aesthetic as “sleek, athletic and versatile.” He plans all of his posts on Instagram far in advance in order to make sure that he is always posting honest, unique and eye-catching content. In the future, he hopes to be “every type of model,” appearing in both print and on the runway.

“This is what I love, this is my passion,” said Frith.

You can stay involved in Elijah Frith’s modeling career by following him @elijah_ig_.