Eleven0six—McKenzie Grant Gordon—is a 19-year-old film photographer from Hyattsville, MD.

“I think, for me, the best way that I can describe it is that it is a true reflection of myself. I have always really seen my work as a way to track my growth. My photos and concepts are always driven by where I am at the time, my environment, my experiences, the people in my life, my interests. I try to use those as tools to better relate and understand culture and all of the unique perspectives around me, as well as my own perspective.” Eleven0six

Eleven0six has a special creative process in that she views her photography as a journey. To Eleven0six, photography is important because it gives her the space to uncover all aspects of her creative passions. 

“The longer I have been shooting, the more I see myself evolve…I do styling and hopefully one day I’ll branch into film and cinematography. I think photography is something I can constantly grow with because, every step of the way, I am learning new things, learning how to hone in on new details and new techniques,” she explained. 

She began creating by simply capturing important moments shared with her friends and family. Her uncle was a photographer who would supervise and teach her while she shot family events. By high school, Eleven0six bought her own camera and began taking art classes that taught her how to combine critical thinking with her creative imagination  in order to produce the most impactful work. Her continued love for photography stems from these initial moments of using her craft to connect with those who were most important in her life.

Now, she appreciates photography even more because of all of the people it has continued to help her meet. 

“I think it has also been a great way to connect with people. Not just people who see my art, but the people I shoot. Some of the best conversations I’ve had happened at shoots…It’s broken me out of my shell because I never used to be much of a talker and anything I was really passionate about I didn’t really express in so many words, but photography has helped me bridge that gap—It is a conversation starter and a way to jump into something else,” said Eleven0six.

Eleven0six is currently dedicated to exploring all aspects of photography that she can. In the future, she hopes to use her love for fashion, film and photography to create eye-catching narratives with each piece of art. 

“I still always want to tell a story and bring my subjects to life in a unique way. Highlight them, but also add a little bit of me into it. Like what people always say,  ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’—I don’t want my work to only exist within two dimensions. I want it to say something while looking pleasing to the eye.”

Eleven0six has worked with brands like ELUKE (, as well as been the creative director for most of her own shoots. You can explore more of her work by following @eleven0six on Instagram and Twitter. 

View some of her photography work below: