Eden Apparel: Live Positive, Not Perfect

Eden Apparel was founded as a clothing brand, but it is on the track to becoming much more than simply selling merchandise. 

Founder of Eden Apparel, Daniel Owoyele, continuously strives to market his business as an experience. He wants customers to support Eden Apparel because of the good times they have had at Eden Apparel sponsored events, or from talking to Eden Apparel brand ambassadors. Last summer, Eden Apparel hosted a pool party and concert to give customers an exciting and interactive way to learn about the brand and purchase merchandise. 

However, Owoyele admits that financial blockers have limited his ability to create Eden Apparel exactly as he would like. Nevertheless, he has not been discouraged by this and continues to design Eden Apparel as best as he can using the means that he has. 

“The big dreams I have require big capital. I have creative ideas that I would love to do right now, but because capital is a barrier, I’m dropping those simpler things until I can get into cut-and-sew design,” explained Owoyele.  

Eden Apparel began spontaneously almost 5 years ago, when Owoyele and his friends decided to start a clothing brand one afternoon. Even the name “Eden Apparel” was chosen from randomly shouting out names between Owoyele and his friends. Yet, now, Eden Apparel has grown into a complete message about the importance of positivity with its slogan “Live positive, not perfect.” 

“Living positive isn’t saying you have to get rid of your negative feelings and pretend to be fake positive. It just means that I try to live life like ‘ok something bad just happened’ and feel it for 15 minutes, but then I shift my perspective… If you’re willing to shift your perspective, things can never seem that bad,” he said.  

For other young entrepreneurs, Owoyele encourages to not be stopped by any seeming obstacles. There are always avenues that can lead to the implementaion of your dreams, regardless of financial situations. 

“Start,” advised Owoyele.  “A lot of people talk about things and have ideas, but if you don’t take action steps then its just another idea out of thousands we have every day. Whatever you think you want to do, at least take one step forward no matter how small it seems.”

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