DOECHII is a 21 year old rapper and singer from Tampa, Florida, currently living in NY.

DOECHII illustrated by @cassosinss for @sikkmagazine

The title “DOECHII” serves as more than a stage name. DOECHII created this name for herself in 6th grade after struggling to overcome insecurities from bullying. She explained how at school she was often faced with hateful speech and colorism. However, her home life was the complete opposite, with her mom reaffirming her intelligence and beauty every day. DOECHII wanted a way to bring her real self—the self she was allowed to express freely at home—with her without fear into the real world. She created DOECHII to encompass the beauty, passion and strength she knew she had in the face of adversity.

DOECHII is influenced by artists like Kanye West, Lauryn Hill, Nicki Minaj and Beyonce. However, her music is unique in that it does not adhere to the standards of a single musical genre. When asked to categorize her own sound, DOECHII explained that it as most likely alternative hip-hop, but that her sound also borrows from other genres, like RnB and punk.

DOECHII is dedicated to her audience engagement as part of creating moving and influential art. Through her work, DOECHII strives to create open spaces where she and her audience can interact honestly. She is well known for the freestyles she posts on Instagram, during which she will write a song within 20-30 minutes before hitting record and giving her audience a live and authentic performance. She does not hide from her mistakes, but rather embraces them and uses them to show her audience the power in embracing their failures as well.

DOECHII has been working on competing her upcoming album which is currently untitled.

She explained, “I have an album that will be dropping May 10th. The album name is still up for debate, I’m actually going to let my audience decide what they want to call it. I basically created two characters—a teacher and a student—and the student represents my inner child and the teacher represents my outward shell, my adult mold that coexists with everybody else. Basically, the teacher is kind of coaching the inner child on how to be a child again. It’s sort of like as you get older you forget how to be a child, but the inner child represents your creative source, your imagination, things that you went through, things that you truly love. Your pure essence and spirit. As we get older, sometimes people lose that and I felt like I was losing that at one point, and that’s something that I never want to lose. This project is basically you get to understand, in a humorous way, the relationship between my shell that coexists with everybody else as an adult and my inner child.”

During our interview, we asked DOECHII to share with us a topic she felt passionate about. We told her that the topic could be anything she was interested in and felt that readers would benefit from learning. Read the quote below to learn more about DOECHII’s views on resonance and the importance of honesty in creating authentic connections:

“Since 2020 has started, I have really been focused on resonance and resonating with people. I actually read this book recently that speaks about what resonating is and what resonance really means. I think it’s really important—and this is my message as an artist that I think will carry me through my career—for people to be more human, and focus on being more honest and vulnerable with people, in their crafts, in their workspaces, etc. I think that as we move forward in time with social media and technology, resonance has become less important. We see a lot of people trying to sell a lot of things, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but I think it’s more important that people really feel proud of who they are. It’s important for me in my art, and in my music, and in everything I do to just push resonance, and I really try to be honest and passionate and as human as possible. I see a lot of disconnect in our culture, especially the millennial culture, and I think its important for people to connect, and in order to connect they have to focus on resonating and being more human, which means making more mistakes, being more honest and being more passionate.” - DOECHII

You can listen to DOECHII on all streaming platforms. Stay up to date on her progression by following DOECHII @iamdoechii on Instagram.