DJ Detailz

Robert Reid, creatively known as DJ Detailz, is a longtime photographer and budding DJ from Brooklyn, NY. 

DJ Detailz spinning a party

DJ Detailz rose from humble beginnings. He understood that growing clientele was more important than earning large sums of money when starting his brand, so he began building his company by doing $20 photoshoots and $5 flyers. DJ Detailz was then introduced to introduced to DJing when he started creating party flyers. From there, he learned the basics of being a DJ with help from his mentor, Thank You DJ Noble. Progression came easily. Now, DJ Detailz is dedicated to creating wide-ranging playlists that have sounds each person (and culture) can enjoy. 

“What really got me into being a DJ was that I knew so much music and people would usually give me the aux to play at kickbacks and stuff. I didn’t like the music I heard on campus. I'm from New York, and at New York parties there's heavy Caribbean music, and I wanted to cater more to those kinds of people when I became a DJ,” explained DJ Detailz to SiKK Magazine. 

DJ Detailz has begun to make a name for himself in the club scene after DJing at Cloak and Dagger Lounge in Washington, DC. DJ Detailz understood that he had a lot of room for improvement, but felt inspired when he noticed most of the patrons at Cloack and Dagger Lounge were flocking toward his sound.   

In the future, DJ Detailz plans to continue his photography. However, he will not confine himself to any one medium of self-expression. DJ Detailz believes in cultivating as many skills as possible, and expands his talents according to what his life currently demands. 

“I feel innovation is so important. In terms of anything that you do, if you can find your way around any problem you have in life through your creative innovations, that makes you a valuable person. Make yourself valuable. Always try to make new skills and spend time picking up information that can help you make money in the future.” 

Some tips to become a sought-after DJ from DJ Detailz:

1. Make sure you have a diverse crate full of playlists for every situation because you never know what vibe an even will have

2. Start by playing popular favorites that everyone can enjoy to get people off their phones and off the wall

3. Don't be afraid to make transitions! Switch it up!