DJ Crob

Christion Robinson, creatively known as Crob, is a Dj at Morehouse College, in Atlanta, Georgia. 

“I am a Dj, but I would like to do anything involved with music,” explained Crob. “Right now, I am in the process of making my first mixtape…I am starting a series of mixtapes about artists who haven’t blown yet, but who I think have the potential to be big, they just haven’t gotten the exposure yet. That’s the whole focus, bringing artists together with the same capabilities, and hopefully that will spark something for at least one of them.”

Crob has been a dj for five years. He learned with the help of his cousin, who was in school to learn about radio at the time. He then started using Virtual Dj to expand his talents on his own. Recently, he has been the Dj for artists like Taylor Bennett and G Herbo, as well as a headliner Dj during Miami Spring Break 2018.  

“I started off doing only two or three parties a month, and then it started to take off when I went to college. Now I usually have multiple shows a week.”

Crob’s love for music goes further than just being a Dj. He wants to use his talents to better the industry as a whole, and to provide artists with more power over their own music. 

“I feel like the industry is so fucked up. There are so many things that need change and sometimes I don’t know how we’re going to go about this shit. A lot of artists don’t have the voice that they need and I want to help with that. I used to want to go to law school and be an entertainment lawyer when I was in high school. No matter what I do, it’s going to benefit the arts.”

For other aspiring Djs, Crob says to first start off by putting your mixes on SoundCloud. This will allow for people to hear your work before they book you. However, he also warms that the life of a dj is not simple. They are often underpaid and overworked. But, if you stay dedicated, you can make a name for yourself. 

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