Destroy Lonely

Destroy Lonely is a rapper and alternative musician from Atlanta, GA.

Destroy Lonely is now 18, but he first started making music over four years ago, at the age of 14. In the beginning, Destroy Lonely viewed his music as solely an expression of his passions and a way to release pent up emotions. However, as he has gotten older, Destroy Lonely has grown to understand that his creative passions can also be used to create a life for himself and those he loves.

He explained, “When I make music now, being 18, it’s like my music is growing with me. I know a lot of people say this, but it’s hard for me not to rap about things that are happening in my life. I probably rap about something that just happened the day before, so my music progresses with what’s going on in my life. I’m still maturing, I’m young as sh*t, so as I experience stuff, the way for me to personally let it out—I have a hard time expressing my emotions—is through my music. It grows, I let it grow with me, and it keeps getting better.”

Destroy Lonely’s most recent project and musical success, entitled Forever I Love You, also pays homage to his experiences with a budding career as such a young artist, and his lasting appreciation for those family and friends who helped him build his talents from the ground up.

“With Forever I Love You—it was around that time that this music sh*t first started for me. People have always listened to my music, but this was personally my ‘Alright this is getting big’ moment. Right before I dropped it, I was just graduating high school, I got a girl, I was going to Cali for the first time. Transitioning from the normal life sh*t like high school into living a whole different type of life kind of makes you go through a lot. The name of it, Forever I Love You, is just me saying to all my old patnas, my girl, my mom, my fans, I love you forever,” said Destroy Lonely.

When talking about his personal sound, Destroy Lonely described it as “Vibes. You put on my music and it takes you somewhere. That’s what I strive to make. It’s good life-sound music, background music, to whatever is going on.” Destroy Lonely also credits some of his musical inspiration to artists like Drake, Travis Scott, and his friend Nezzus.

Destroy Lonely recently released part two to Underworld., with the addition of two never-before-heard songs to the track list, which is now available on Apple Music. Additionally, Destroy Lonely is in the process of releasing a summer album in collaboration with rapper, Nezzus. Coming later this winter, you can look out for even more music by Destroy Lonely, with Forever Alive, about which he said “That’s my sh*t, that’s really going to be the one because I’m putting like years worth of work into it.”

To other aspiring artists, Destroy Lonely advises “Don’t copy nobody else, don’t try to imitate everybody. Doing it myself, I really see why you really just have to be yourself, it will take you far. Show love when it’s being shown to you. You don’t really have to do too much.”

You can stay up to date with Destroy Lonely by following him @destorylonely on Instagram.

Pictures shot and edited by @friendsonflm for @sikkmagazine.