Demetrio Rios.

Demetrio Rios is a 19-year-old graphic designer from Guadalajara, Jalisco in Mexico. 

“Why do I create? Because I don’t find any boundaries in art. There is no limit, the only limit is one’s passion. I am not going to say creativity because a lot of people do not have the passion to create even if they are creative. Passion is wanting to do it so then you do it.” Demetrio Rios

Rios began practicing photoshoot three years ago, but did not find his current artistic style until earlier this year when he found himself being inspired by other abstract artists.

He explained, “I started making this new kind of art this year. I started the new year with the goal to do this new creative work. My inspiration would be older, modern art. That abstract art, like Picasso, Salvador Dali. The stuff that’s really eye-catching.”

Rios is a free-spirit in that he does not try to confine himself to any one ideal about his artwork. He looks at art as a journey, with the creative process being more important than the destination. 

“I really don’t know what I want to do in my future. Personally, I believe that the less you know where you’re going, the less you know where you’re headed, the better. If you don’t know what to do, that means you have a huge blank canvas and you can do anything. Right now it’s just a journey, and I will just be surprised at wherever I am later on,” said Rios. 

Rios believes that all creations hold beauty. It does not matter whether or not someone else likes your work because the purpose of art is not to receive praise from others. 

To other aspiring creatives, Rios advises, “Keep on doing what you like to do. Don’t adapt, let them adapt to you because if they don’t like what you’re doing someone else will. This world is filled with billions of people and there is someone who will like your art. Just keep it up.”

You can see more of Demetrio Rios’ artwork @someoneondrugs on Instagram.