Dead But Alive, By Sagine Pitters

Dead But Alive Release Poster

Brooklyn filmmaker, Sagine Pitters, is set to release her first film in 2019. 

Dead But Alive tells the story of main character, Sammy. Sammy is a beautiful and well-liked girl on her campus. However, the boys at her school find her independence intimidating.

Later in the school year, Sammy attends a Spring Break party. During the party, Sammy is assaulted. She falls into depression and is unable to connect with those around her because she feels that they lack the capacity to understand her situation and pain.  

Dead But Aliveis based on a true story. Pitters was inspired to create this film after she heard recounts of rape from her family members and friends. She hopes that this narrative will help other victims of rape understand that they are not alone. 

“This film is not a regular film. It is meant to be very inspirational. I think that what people will find out when they watch this film is that it's very relatable. It’s more than just a movie,” explained Pitters to SiKK Magazine. 

Pitters plans to continue her cinematographic work by producing other films, including Dead But Alive 2 (release to be announced). All of her films will be dedicated to shedding light on difficult societal issues.  

“Im not stopping here,” Pitters proclaimed.