Cubed Q: Promoting Afro-Futurism Through Photography

CubedQ—Feranmi Quadri—is a 21-year-old photographer from Maryland.

He has been creating for 8 years, and dubs himself as one of the pioneers of the Afrofuturism movement because of his out-of-the-box concepts and his focus on Black people and Black culture as subject matter. 

As a computer science major, CubedQ hopes to use whichever job he acquires in the future to continue to fund his photography passion. Ideally, he hopes to be a freelance photographer who is the go-to person for any product or idea promotion. He wants to be able to take the budding visions of others and transform them into something eye-catching and impactful. 

View some of CubedQ's photography, with special insight this creative's mind and process, below:

“My favorite aspect about my work is definitely just seeing my visions come to life. It kind of gives me like a directors high whenever I'm in the middle of a shoot and everything comes together and falls into place. Im looking at the shots while I'm taking the pictures and it's just like ‘yes, perfect.’ Or I angle the camera a certain way and I'm like ‘this is almost it,’ and then I angle the camera differently and it all instantly works.” - CubedQ

"I inspire myself when it comes to coming up with my ideas and concepts. 60% of the time when I have an idea I consider what have I done before and how can I put a completely different spin on it..I never do one concept at a time. I’ll think of one really good concept and sit on it for a little bit. Ill formulate another really good concept and sit on that, and then add maybe one more on top of that so it becomes a multilayered idea. Instead of having one idea in your face, you get a nest of ideas." - CubedQ

“I want to serve as a trailblazer for the Afrofuturism movement. I realize that it is here now, but once I have all of the means I can to bring my vision to life, I know people are going to see my work and wish they could emulate it. I want to be that template for people to say ‘if he could do that, where can I take it from here?' I want to lead a new genre of art. Whenever people think of Afrofuturism I want them to think of Feranmi Quadri...CubedQ." - CubedQ

You can follow CubedQ on Instagram @cubedq to see more of his photography work. 

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