Creating To Give Back

Syncere Lindsay began Interstellar Supply Co. in 2016 with two goals: to express himself and to give back to his community. 

Interstellar Supply Co. began as Lindsay simply designing shirts for himself to wear. However, after receiving positive feedback from his friends and family, and many “where did you get that,” Lindsay decided to start creating to share with others, too. 

Now, Lindsay works with a team of four creatives to produce Interstellar Supply Co. He is the sole designer and social media handler for the brand. With almost two thousand followers on the business Instagram account, Interstellar Supply Co. is becoming a highly sought-after brand for young adults. 

Nevertheless, the main initiative of Interstellar Supply Co. is to give back to others. 

My favorite part about having this brand is sitting down with my team and trying to figure out ways we can grow and give back,”said Lindsay.

As part of this initiative, the Interstellar Supply Co. team recently visited a children’s hospital in Massachusetts with food and games to play with the children. They also handed out free Interstellar Supply Co. gear to encourage the children stay hopeful. 

In the future, Lindsay hopes to open Interstellar Supply Co. stores around the nation. 

To other aspiring business owners, Lindsay says that the hardest aspect about owning a clothing brand is the competition. Since everyone already has clothes, your business can only thrive on innovation and the ability to produce something that people have never worn before. However, Lindsay encourages, “If you’re on it, and you stick with it, and you continue to give positivity up and give back, you will be successful.”

View some Interstellar Supply Co. merchandise below: