Charles Rhyce

Charles Rhyce is an 18-year-old painter and illustrator.

Coming from a family of creatives, Charles was motivated from a young age to pursue his creative talents. He gains most of his inspiration for his pieces from consuming other forms of media, such as watching anime and playing video games. However, Charles is also dedicated to using his craft to better the world community. 

“I’m currently in school as a psychology major, working toward becoming a mental health professional. Art is my second passion. Some of the psychology aspects do bleed into the stuff I like to draw. Especially when it comes to depicting really complicated emotions that people who do not have a certain condition may not understand if I was just to explain it in a sentence to them,” explained Charles. 

Charles began creating by doing traditional artwork—pen to paper—and then moved on to incorporate digital artwork once he reached middle school. Now, he is well known for both his traditional and digital work in the art community.  

“I still stayed in traditional art until early middle school, which was 7th grade for me. Around then is when I discovered digital art and that people could create digitally. But I still didn't know how to go about it until the end of that year, when I was able to look into the materials used and was able to get myself a tablet and a computer program that worked for me,” he said.

Stemming from his love of anime and the imaginary, Charles incorporates both realistic and mystical elements in his works. His main goal as an artist is to continue to grow in both skill and passion. 

“I would like to be known as someone who is passionate. Every single time I draw, I am just striving to improve. I am someone who not only pushes myself to keep going but also my artistic peers and the art community.”

In the future, Charles plans to use his creativity to help others who suffer from mental health problems learn to channel and understand their emotions more effectively. To other aspiring artists he says: 

“Keep going. In moments when you doubt yourself, reflect back at your work from two months ago, or six months ago, and see how much you have improved. You are going to get better and you are going to see yourself reach planes that you didn’t even know you could reach before. Keep working and keep promoting yourself and your art. Pay attention to trends but stay true to yourself. Never sacrifice what makes you you when you are creating.”  

You can view more of Charles' artwork on Twitter.