By Fifthepower

Chauncey Whipple—creatively known as Fifthpower—is a graphic designer and musician from Louisville, Kentucky.  

Fifthpower has been drawing for over fifteen years, but he only started seriously pursuing his craft within the last four years. Fifthpower began using his art simply as an outlet for his emotions, but others were quickly drawn to his work. He started being asked to create commissions for rappers, brands and the like. Recently, Fifthpower had the opportunity to work with ASAP TWELVYY, as the designer for the cover for rappers latest album. 

In our interview with Fifthpower, we asked "what do you most want to be remembered for in your industry?"

He said, "I just want to be remembered as the beacon of hope for people who are scared to take risk. I want to be remembered more than for the art I did, but as a leader and an inspiration. I want to motivate people to be themselves and find the good in that."

In the future, Fifthpower hopes to grow his music business and to release a clothing line featuring his designs.

Fifthpower’s music can be listened to on SoundCloud @Fifthpower/ACHE.