Boom, That's Magic

Artist, Kaleb McLaurin, is the definition of a natural-born talent.

McLaurin found his love for art early on by watching his mother take pictures.

“My favorite thing about being creative is my ability to create things and see it in front of me. It’s like having a thought and you’re making your thought come to life. It’s taking something that’s in your mind and making it physical like ‘boom!” That’s magic to me,” said McLaurin.

However, creating to McLaurin transcends his own wants. He strives to not only tap into his own creativity, but to inspire others to do the same as well. McLaurin believes that every person has the ability to be creative if they choose to be. His goal is to form a collective of creatives who can work together to achieve their goals and share ideas.

“I really want my brand to inspire other people to tap into that creativity that everybody has. Because, even if you say you aren’t creative, there is creativity in everything: how you dress, your hobbies...I want to help people bring that out of themselves.”

To McLaurin, creativity is more of a life’s quest than a profession or hobby. To him, creativity pulls all of your life experiences, all of your thoughts and relationships to produce a work of art. Sometimes, these experiences and feelings can be negative, but McLaurin believes that art helps you to value even the unpleasant moments in life.

“Art is all about taking those darker parts about yourself, those darker emotions you might not necessarily want to share with others, and putting them into your work. It’s all about finding who you are through your art. So, the more I am out experiencing things, that only fuels my art.”

Nevertheless, even McLaurin understands that creativity comes with many struggles. To other young creatives he advises, “Don’t worry about the money aspect because happiness is key. Be confident in whatever you’re doing, and don’t let anyone discourage you. Don’t question it and everything will fall into place.”

With this message, tap into the creativity within yourself and see that you, too, have the ability to create a little bit of magic in your own life.

View some of Kaleb McLaurin's recent works below: