Bbyafricka is a model and musician from Inglewood, CA. 

Bbyafricka first started making RnB music four years ago as a fun activity to release her creative urges. She did not initially take the process seriously, and spent a lot of time making funny disses to rappers. However, after one session Bbyafricka found that she had actually created a good song. From there, she decided to take her music more seriously, and now she is dedicated to the process more than ever. Her first modeling shoot was shot by her mother’s photographer friend on the beach. Bbyafricka did not really love modeling when she first started out, but she gave it a chance because everyone told her that she should.

Bbyafricka is non-traditional in both her music and modeling. 

“As far as my music, it’s kind of like alternative RnB. And my modeling, I don’t know how I would describe that, but definitely non-traditional,” she explained. 

Her latest musical project, Brain Damage, focuses on her life between the years of 2015-2017. 

“My EP Brain Damage was inspired by a time in my life when I was wild and crazy and going through relationship problems like love triangles and stuff. All of those emotions just got poured into that EP…My music is sad. Me digging deep into all of my feelings and sacrificing my emotions inspires my music,” said Bbyafricka.

In the future, Bbyafricka wants to focus more on her music than her modeling. She hopes to show others that it is OK to be yourself and to be non-traditional. 

She said, “You know I like to be more out-there with it to show people that there are different paths you can take. You don’t have to be clean-cut. I have hella face tattoos and tattoos in general, and you can still get paid gigs and important gigs without having to be squeaky clean.”

When asked her advice for other aspiring creatives, Bbyafricka said that it is most important to surround yourself with people who want to see you grow.

She advised, “Be careful who you surround yourself with. You have to have a strong mind and have people in your circle who genuinely support you and just want to see you be successful. Steer clear from the wrong people and don’t get sidetracked…Don’t be afraid to be out there and do different shit, different sounds, you never actually know what will work until you try it.”

You can listen to her EP Brain Damage on Apple Music and Spotify. See more of her modeling work by following @bbyafricka on Instagram.