Chalya Aaliyah Nimyel—known as Aleeism—is an 18-year-old makeup artist from Plateau State, Nigeria.

Most people call me Aaliyah. Aleeism is a name my friends made, which is guess comes from Aaliyah. Aleeism

Aleeism has always been interested in art. She began by painting and drawing, but found her love for makeup while watching her mother get ready. Now, she has combined her passions for painting with her love for makeup by using her face as her canvas.

“Ever since I was little, my mom used to do her makeup and I would do my makeup with her too and just play around with it. I also used to draw when I was younger, but now I do not have as much time to draw and paint on a canvas and stuff. Since I like makeup, I thought why not combine the two so that’s what I do,” she explained. 

Currently, Aleeism is working on a 30-day Instagram challenge where she creates a new makeup look each day. Her favorite looks are always those which take her the most time to complete because they challenge her to push herself.  

“I always spend the most time on my favorite works. One of my favorites was the Ezra Miller Met Gala recreation with seven eyes. It took a long time to do it and I didn't think it would turn our that well, but I really liked it. My other favorite was this piece I entitled “body like a work of art.” It’s some colors dripping down—some people call it acid—and it’s a really colorful look and it took a lot of time, too…It can take me anywhere from three to nine hours to create a look.”

Aleeism believes that makeup has the power to increase confidence if used the right way. She does not believe that you must be a “natural beauty” to be truly beautiful, or that using makeup means you are insecure. She instead wants everyone to do whatever makes them them feel the most comfortable in their own skin.

She said, “I think makeup is kind of the platform for the individual person. You do not need makeup to feel beautiful, and I am perfectly fine with my own skin, but if someone thinks makeup makes them more beautiful then that’s what they should do. It should be about what you want to do, not someone else’s views, not society’s views.”

In the future, Aleeism hopes to continue her work as a makeup artist and open her own cosmetics company. In addition, she plans to hold classes to teach anyone who wants to learn about makeup and how to do their own makeup.

As an artist, Aleeism strives to inspire everyone to go after their individual passions. 

“I just want people to feel inspired to follow their passions and find a way to put those passions in their daily lives. For me, I’m a college student so it can be hard to find time, but I find a way to keep my passions in my life and I want everyone to be able to do that,” said Aleeism.

You can see more of Aleeism’s work on her YouTube and Instagram @aleeism. 

Photos from @aleeism on Instagram.

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