Aim To Kill EP by Ahmir The King

Aim To Kill EP Cover

Ahmir The King's long-awaited EP, Aim To Kill, was released on Halloween day, 2019.

Aim To Kill has been in progress for two years. This EP is comprised of five rap songs, expanded over twelve minutes. Aim To Kill seeks to be an ode to the struggles and importance of ambition, self-determination and hard work.

Read our interview with Ahmir The King about his creation of Aim To Kill below:

S: How would you describe the feeling of this project in your own words?

ATK: I feel like it is definitely ambitious. It’s also sonically diverse—none of the beats sound the same, none of the flows are the same. I tried to give people a little bit of everything that I have.

S: Why did you decide to name this project Aim To Kill?

ATK: There are two reasons. For people who have been listening to me, they know on one of my first songs I ever dropped I say, “ATK, that’s aim to kill, I never miss, I murder beats.” ATK is also the acronym I use for Ahmir the King. It basically symbolizes that you have to go hard at whatever you’re doing.

S: How long have you been working on Aim To Kill and what first gave you the inspiration to want to build this EP?

ATK: This wasn’t intended to be an EP at first. There is still going to be an Aim To Kill album. But, I’ve been working on Aim To Kill since my last project, Black Tape. I actually intended to drop Aim To Kill months after Black Tape, but stuff changed around, so the past two years have really been just sorting out this project. I released it now because I feel like Aim To Kill really represents the stage I’m at in life. It’s an ambitious time in life, so I knew that I should drop this first before the album, that it would be a great way to kick things off.

S: What is your favorite track from Aim To Kill?

ATK: It’s either ‘Lose Me,’ ‘Porch,’ or ‘Birds Eye,’ but I’m going to go with ‘Lose Me’ because it’s real bouncy. That song makes me happy. I’m talking sh*t on there, I love the flows, I like the beat. Just the way—not to be on cocky sh*t—but the way I was flowing on the drums and what I was talking about, it’s really a shit talking song. It’s probably the funnest song on there. It’s one of the funnest songs I’ve ever done.

S: Do you have any projects planned for the recent future?

ATK: I can guarantee at least one more project before 2020. The album is also finished, so there is an album coming. I’m not going to say the name or anything else, but it’s coming. We’re about to go stupid on the visuals as well.

S: If you had an overall meaning from the project that you want listeners to know, what would that be?

ATK: Talk yo shit! Don’t let anybody hold you from anything, man. If you believe in something, aim to kill, go hard, marathon sprint toward it. People will tell you that you should pace yourself, or do this this way, but no. Listen to yourself. When you are the only person who can see something, it kind of makes you feel like you might be crazy, but you have to go hard anyway. Whatever you want, shoot that high.

You can listen to Aim To Kill on Soundcloud.