A Versatile G.

From Gaithersburg, Maryland comes the 20-year-old recording artist and manager, Versatile G.

Versatile G. performing

Versatile G has been interested in the music industry since his early teens. In 2015, he released a mixtape, Fame Bound, and is currently working on another project, One Man Band. Versatile G is also the manager of artist, Stussymane. Most recently, he began plans to launch his own record label.

“You don’t need a label these days to have a long or lucrative career," says Versatile G. “A lot of people sign to labels and get in deals where they are really not the priority..I want to start my label because independent is the way to go. As long as you have a team and you guys have a plan and are executing that, there is really no way you can lose.”

Versatile G found his love of music during his dancing career as a child. Having to listen carefully to the beat while performing gave Versatile G a deeper appreciation for the craft. Now, he wants his music to have this same effect in the lives of others. 

He explained, “I just want to change people’s lives with my music and to reach out to people. Life is all about connection and real music has connection. People feel it. I want to keep networking and spread my music as much as I can. I have people say to me now, ‘ I listen to this song every day and it helps me get through.’ I just want to keep making music that people can relate to. Real music.”

To other aspiring music artists, Versatile G says that consistency is the most important you can have.

“Everybody is talented. A lot of people just put in more effort than others. Don’t hold back. If you want to do something, just do it. Start from scratch, get a plan and just do it repeatedly. Don’t let everything overwhelm you at one time. Learn what you have to do and do it how you want to do it. Just be persistent, consistently is key.” 

You can listen to his music by searching Versatile G on Apple Music and Spotify.