A Creative House, By Creatives

GRSM was founded in 2014 by Brooklen Chase McCarty with the help of his friend, Jesse L. Kearse IV.  

Growing up, McCarty always knew that he was interested in the film industry, and he even participated in several commercials for productions like Monsters vs. Aliens as a child actor. When he got to college, McCarty purchased his first camera—a Canon Revol T5—and started shooting. From there, the rest was history. 

GRSM began as an on-campus service to create promotional videos for organizations. Now, GRSM has expanded into a creative house, with several other artists and musicians under the GRSM name. Kearse and McCarty want GRSM to serve as a safe space where artists can explore their creative talents with the support of other creatives. 

“GRSM is a creative house, by creatives. A lot of times people get messed over in the industry. The way we formed was through trust. We made it a safe environment where we could all create in our own avenues,” explained McCarty. 

Primarily, GRSM creates music videos and short films for the creatives under their label. However, they have also produced a web series and short film. Entitled “Truth,” the short film focuses on the complexities of the Black male identity. 

“It really dealt with the mentality of trying to be a ‘real nigga’ versus being a student, and facing that duality,” said McCarty about “Truth.” 

Moving forward, McCarty and Kearse hope that GRSM will form into a powerhouse of Black creativity, giving Black people the opportunity to build lasting, communal wealth. 

"It is the same that we see in Hollywood today. It's a hierarchy of these groups that run together and make millions of dollars together. Whether you’re watching a Will Ferell  film or an Adam Sandler film and you see the same actors. I feel like we can build a “Black Hollywood,” and I want GRSM to be at the forefront of that."

Check out their music videos and other projects here!