Ahmir the King—Isaiah Ford—is a 20-year-old rapper and songwriter from Charlotte, NC. 

When describing his own music, Ahmir the King said, “I try not to put myself in a box

because I have so many styles. I make modern soul music—the beats use soul samples, but I love trap elements, hard ass drums and stuff like that. The type of music is real, it’s bars.”

He has been rapping for nearly his entire life, but just started taking his craft more seriously within these past two years. Ahmir the King was inspired to star rapping from time spent with his older cousins, who exposed him to different artists ad forms of music. He remains passionate about rap today because it is his path to the future he hopes for. 

“Nothing makes me feel the way music makes me feel. The end result of making music...there's nothing that makes me happier than that. And at times I feel like this is all a nigga got because I’m not really outstanding at anything else but this shit,” explained Ahmir the King.  

Ahmir the King does not restrict himself to one narrative while rapping. He builds his music from every influence in his life.

He described his messages as “different every time,” saying that, “I think where rappers fuck up is trying to be one thing. I remember my first album was very conscious, so from that people weren’t expecting me to still act like the nigga I am, but I’m as flawed as anyone else. My music reflects reality, good and bad, and I never try to be something I’m not.”

One of Ahmir the King’s goals as an artist is to make music production more accessible for other up-and-coming artists. There are a lot of steps that go into making one song. Many artists are talented and driven enough to produce their music, but lack the expensive equipment and a location to do so. Ahmir the King plans to open a recording studio where all talented artists can come and make their music for a reasonable price. 

“One thing I want to do is make rap more accessible and make it easier for people to go make some music. The first spot we tried to record at wouldn’t lets cuss and shit and that kinda caps your creativity. Then I had another studio but it was too expensive to keep going to and nobody was trying to look out so we really had to go get the equipment and do it all ourselves. It worked out, but I don’t think that other people should have to go through all of those hurdles to make some damn music. I want to have a studio and anyone that's nice and ready to work, we can get it.” 

To other aspiring rappers, Ahmir the King advises that the best thing you can do is believe in yourself. 

He said, “You can be alone a lot in rap. A lot of my family wasn’t  fucking with the rap stuff because they were encouraging college so I had to go and trust myself. I’m still trusting myself because I haven’t made it and still have a lot of work to do, but I’ve gotten this far off of being able to find my own independence. When you believe in yourself and know yourself, you start moving different and no one can tell you shit.”

You can learn more about Ahmir the King by following @ahmirtheking on Instagram. His music can be found by searching Ahmir the King on SoundCloud and Apple Music.

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